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imagine • create • deliver

MJM Productions is an award winning, full service production company that provides superior corporate communication services at an ultimate value. For over 29 years in locations all across the world, we have provided video production and corporate meeting management to organizations of all sizes. From conceptualization, to delivery we help our clients communicate their message in a captivating and effective way.


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Corporate Theatrical Demo
Cinematic Demo
Corporate Demo 1
Aerial Demo
Corporate Demo 2
Carefully Made
Graphics Demo
Brightree Summit Promo
Solvay Safety video
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Set Renderings
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MJM Productions is the ultimate source for your corporate event production needs


MJM has the talent, experience and expertise to deliver captivating messages that make the intended impact on your targeted audience

MJM In Depth

  • In addition to producing large corporate meeting AV and presentations all over the US, MJM can also produce your international meetings...

  • MJM was thrilled to capture historical interviews with Alpharetta’s oldest natives. It is hard to imagine that one of metro Atlanta’s most affluent cities...

  • Now wait, before you fall asleep or click on a talking cat video, realize that the Solvay team knew they had to create something...


Clients We Have Served