MJM has been a key production component on large corporate meetings for more than 25 years and has produced meetings for over 12 years. We have produced meetings of all sizes and requirements, ranging form a couple hundred attendees to thousands of attendees. We have produced meetings in cities all over the country and in Europe and have worked in union and nonunion environments.


MJM’s size and scalability affords our clients a higher-level of service as well as a much better value than can be obtained from the mega-sized national companies. They have much higher overhead and must charge higher margins to profit.

Also we provide the exact same quality technicians they provide. The vast majority of the top technicians in the industry are independent, they work on events for mega-sized companies as well as independents like MJM, but we provide a much more responsive and knowledgeable client interaction and greater return on your meeting investment dollars.

More importantly when we sell a concept in our proposal we deliver that service the way it is presented. Mega firms have sales teams and creative proposal writing teams that do a great job selling, but the reality of what they will deliver dollar for dollar does not match our service. We consistently deliver more in terms of lighting, scenic, projection, content and creative.

Contact us and let us show you how we can deliver a better experience to you and your attendees!